UPDATE: Gigi Hadid Dismissed as Juror in Harvey Weinstein Case

Supermodel and celebrity Gigi Hadid was officially dismissed as a juror in Harvey Weinstein\’s rape trial Thursday. Hadid, 24, departed Manhattan Supreme Court during the eighth day of jury selection, according to The Associated Press, which cited court officials. The fashion model, who lives in Manhattan and studied criminal psychology at The New School, had been selected as a potential juror Monday after telling a judge she thought she would be able to \”keep an open mind on the facts,\” the AP reported. She also told the judge she had met Weinstein as well as actress Salma Hayek, a potential witness in the case. Hayek wrote an op-ed for The New York Times in 2017 in which she claimed she had been harassed and abused by the producer during the production of the biopic \”Frida.\” Hadid was among 35 potential jurors who were asked to come back to court Thursday for another round of questioning.