The Oscars Swag Bag Has A 12-Day Yacht Cruise

Forbes has revealed that the Oscars “gift bag” has a total value of $215,000 – an increase of nearly $70,000 from last year. With 24 acting and directing nominees getting one, the total value of these “gift bags” is bringing the total value to 5.2 million dollars.

This year’s most expensive gift is a 12-day, $78,000 cruise. Also included in these “gift bags” is a year’s membership to a dating service worth $20,000, $25,000 in cosmetic procedures from a New York City doctor, and chocolate cannabis edibles. The gift bags are delivered to the nominees in suitcases a week before the big ceremony.

The product-placement company ‘Distinctive Assets’ is the company giving the freebies, although they aren’t free. Recipients are required to pay income tax on the value of the gifts they redeem.