The Backstreet Boys Admit ‘I Want It That Way’ Makes ‘No Sense’ [VIDEO]

The Backstreet Boys were on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday when a fan called in and asked, “In your song ‘I Want It That Way,’ why do you sing ‘I never want to hear you say/I want it that way’? What way do you not want it to be?”

Well AJ McLean admitted:

“First of all the song makes no sense. There was a completely different version of the song that actually made sense and thankfully we decided to go back to the one that didn’t make sense. I don’t think it would’ve been as big as it was, had it made sense.”

Now if we could just figure out what Meatloaf won’t do for love another mystery will be solved.


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Finally! The true meaning behind the lyrics 😂

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