Ali Fedotowsky Was “Mortified” After Son Poops In Pool

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno now knows the unpredictability of a toddler and their “moments”. The Bachelorette alum shared on her Instagram story that while at a Hawaiian Resort, a “super embarrassing” incident involving her son and revealed to her followers that her son pooped in the pool.

She shared:

“So, Riley pooped and I’m so mortified at what went down when he finally pooped that I don’t think I’m ready to share — or will ever be able to share — but I’m just letting you guys all know it happened.”

Before this she made a separate post saying that her son, 1, “hasn’t poop in 3 days”.

She then she confirmed what her followers had been guessing:

“You all guessed that Riley pooped in the pool. That’s the truth. He pooped in the pool. They had to shut the pool down for like an hour-and-a-half. It was super embarrassing, so that’s Riley’s poop story.”

She even tried to prevent it by putting the toddler in a water-resistant nappy, but these efforts failed and created this hilarious moment.