Alex Trebek Gives A Health Update [VIDEO]

Alex Trebek has given the world a health update, one year after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In the video shared below, Trebek says that he’s celebrating a milestone that most people with pancreatic cancer of his kind don’t celebrate, he’s made it past the one year mark. The one-year survival rate for stage 4 pancreatic cancer is only 18% and Trebek is in that number.

He did admit that he’s gone through some deep emotional struggles over the past year saying that he was in great pain and, “sudden massive attacks of great depression that made me wonder if it was really worth fighting on.” But the legendary game show host says he didn’t give up because it “would’ve been a betrayal” to the fans, his friends, his “wife and soulmate” Jean, and God.

He has kept a sense of humor, even if it’s a little dark, joking with friends that “I joked with friends that the cancer won’t kill me, the chemo treatments will.”

Trebek has a full plate with his hosting duties, as well, with Jeopardy! having full audience book through April.