Madonna Says She Had COVID-19 During Her ‘Madame X’ Tour

Madonna is getting candid about her recent health.

The 61-year-old pop icon shared a message on Instagram on Wednesday, addressing her previous comments about having coronavirus antibodies.

She wrote, “I’m Grateful that I can be a part of supporting Research to Find the cure for Covid -19!!🙏🏼 And just to clear things up for people who would rather believe sensationalist headlines than do their own research about the nature of this virus—I am not currently sick.”

She added, “When you test positive for anti-bodies it means you HAD the virus which I. clearly did as I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris over 7 weeks ago along with many other artists in my show but at the time We all thought we had a very bad flu. Thank God we are all healthy and well now. Hope that clears things up for the band wagon jumpers!! Knowledge is Power!”

(Just Jared)