Kelly Clarkson’s New Album May Have A Special Guest: Her Daughter

Kelly Clarkson has given us a taste of her new album “I Dare You”, which she recorded in multiple languages with five different singers from around the world. But there may be one very special guest close to her heart: her daughter!

The singer told People that before the coronavirus pandemic, her daughter, River, wandered into the recording studio while she was recording “I Dare You” and another song.

“My daughter comes in…and she’s like, ‘I want to sing.’ So she went in the studio and she just started singing all this random stuff, so she might be featured on my next album,” Clarkson said to People.

“She’s very much into, like, ‘Why do they want your picture? Why do they want you to sing? Why don’t they want my picture? Why can’t I sing?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, Lord.'”

Kelly does add that, “She’s very passionate and can drive me insane, but [I] don’t want to break that spirit in her because it’s going to do her well later in life.”