David Crosby, Who Helped Melissa Etheridge Conceive, Speaks On Son Beckett’s Death

David Crosby, the rock legend who helped Melissa Etheridge conceive via sperm donation, made a few short statements after son Beckett passed away earlier this week.

One of his messages came after someone shared a now-deleted tweet about his involvement in Beckett’s life, “I respectfully point out, David was their donor. They did not have a son ‘with’ him. He was Melissa and Julie’s child. They raised him. Like most donors, he played no other part.”

Crosby denied the claim with a short and simple, “Not true.”

Offering support to Crosby, Patricia and Rosanna Arquette gave the music icon loving condolences.

“I am sending you all love during this very difficult time. May he move through the light and know how loved he is,” Patricia wrote. Rosanna replied, “I’m so Sorry DAVID for this devastating loss and send you and the rest of the family love .Rest In Peace Beckett.”