Virginia Beach releases plans to honor victims of May 31 mass shooting from a distance

Virginia Beach officials have released a plan to remember the lives of those who were killed during the May 31, 2019 mass shooting at Building 2 in the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.

The plan is called “Lighting the Path: Together We Remember.” It includes at-home ceremonies on May 29 and May 31, including a moment of silence, a virtual remembrance event, and an invitation to plant Forget-Me-Not flowers in honor and support of the hundreds of lives impacted by the mass shooting.

The city has also created a symbol based on the Forget-Me-Not flower that represents the victims who died, those who were injured, a police officer who was shot, and the love and support of the Virginia Beach community.

A full list of events is available here.

The city will also honor the shooting victims and their families in other ways, including the placing the Forget-Me-Not flowers around Building 2 on May 29, a light display, and giving employees time to mourn.

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