Finland, the Happiest Country on Earth, Is Sharing Tips for Happiness in a Free Online Series

For the past three years, Finland has been ranked number-one on the United Nations’ World Happiness Report and now they are revealing their secrets to happiness in a series of livestreams.

It is part of a program called “Rent a Finn” and according to their website, “Being happy has a lot to do with our daily habits: a short walk in the forest, going ice swimming or tasting something fresh from nature. All of these things add a sense of calm and happiness to everyday life – something we all need right now!

“To help during these trying times, we wanted to share some of our tips on how to become happy like a Finn no matter where you are physically.”

The live videos will appear on Visit Finland’s website as well as its Facebook and YouTube channels.

You can find a list of the upcoming classes, which will run from May 29 through June 12, here.