Ryan Seacrest Might Be ‘Overdoing It’ ABC Insiders Worry

ABC insiders have worries the the hardest working man in show business may be over extending himself. Sources say that after taking an unscheduled day off from “Live with Ryan and Kelly” on May 18th, there was cause for concern.

Sources say that the upcoming hiatus of “Live” couldn’t be more perfect for the host.

A source says, “People underestimate just how much work Ryan puts in every day. [Right now,] he wakes up at 4 a.m., has producer meetings by 5 a.m. and has to be ready to film at 6 a.m. LA time as ‘Live’ goes on air at 9 a.m. EST. Add the radio show ­every day, in addition to hosting “Idol” and additional content for his platforms. He has definitely had to adjust his body clock.”

The source also adds, “While some of us can turn off or take a break throughout our workday, he almost always has a camera on him or a microphone in his hand. He’s always on.”

“This whole time [he] has been in his house in LA because of the pandemic. It’s been a lot of shooting, but people internally . . . are concerned about his fatigue. Everyone is rooting for him to be OK and knows he’s a hard worker and juggling a lot of things — but he’s a hard worker with no commute.”

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