Kelly Clarkson Teases Mystery Duet Recorded In Quarantine

Kelly Clarkson may have been recording some “Quaraokes“, but she’s been doing a lot of other recording too! The singer revealed that she made a duet, but won’t reveal who the mystery artist is yet.

She told ET Canada, “I already have many songs recorded for the new album and I actually just recorded a duet that I wish I could talk about but I can’t!”

She gushes over the song, saying that it’s “so good” and was very vague when dropping hints about her collaborator.

She says, “I happened to sing with this person within the last six months and we loved singing together so much. “It was so cool how our voices just sounded together.”

Clarkson’s says her label found the “perfect song” for them to record together and she says it’ll be on her next album and may even be the next thing she releases.

(ET Canada)