Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Plan To Get Married Once The Coronavirus Pandemic Ends: Reports

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton plan to take their relationship to the next level, at least when the coronavirus pandemic ends.

The couple wants to tie the knot one the pandemic ends and according to a source, “COVID-19 has turned their world upside down, as it has with so many families. Gwen knows she is blessed and wants to have the wedding as soon as social distancing guidelines are lifted.”

Back in March 2019, Us reported that Stefani was in the process of annulling her marriage to Gavin Rossdale by Catholic officials because “religion has always been extremely important to her.”

But the pandemic has “changed Gwen’s feelings about getting the annulment and getting married.” Although previously committed to the annulment process “no matter how long it took,” she wants to press forward with marrying Shelton.

The source says, “Gwen wants to have a ceremony and reception with their family and friends. She didn’t wait this long to get married with family watching on Zoom. It has made her realize that waiting for the annulment at this point is just futile because it could take years for the church tribunal to issue the decision.”