‘Gone With The Wind’ Is Returning To HBOMax, Will Have An Introduction By An African-American Scholar

Gone With The Wind will be returning to HBOMax after being pulled from the platform last week. However, when it does become available again, it will include an introduction by Jacqueline Stewart. Stewart hosts Silent Sunday Nights on Turner Classic Movies and also is a professor in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago.

In an op-ed on CNN’s website, she explains why people “can’t turn away” from the 1939 Civil War movie.

Stewart explains, “HBO Max will bring Gone with The Wind back to its line-up, and when it appears, I will provide an introduction placing the film in its multiple historical contexts. For me, this is an opportunity to think about what classic films can teach us. Right now, people are turning to movies for racial re-education, and the top-selling books on Amazon are about anti-racism and racial inequality. If people are really doing their homework, we may be poised to have our most informed, honest and productive national conversations yet about Black lives on screen and off.”

(ET Online)