Virginia Department of Education releases new guidelines for social distancing as schools prepare for reopening

he Virginia Department of Education has issued new school guidelines for social distancing as schools plan for reopening this fall amid the coronavirus outbreak.

New guidelines released by the Virginia Department of Education Monday show a more relaxed approach to reopening but still maintaining proper social distance.

Officials are recommending that schools maintain a minimum of 3 feet between people when they enter Phase 3 of reopening this fall, however, if the distance could not be met, they are encouraging face coverings to help reduce disease transmissions.

The 3 phases are as follows:

  • Phase One: Special education programs and child care for working families
  • Phase Two: Phase One plus preschool through third-grade students, English learners, and summer camps in school buildings
  • Phase Three: All students may receive in-person instruction as can be accommodated with strict social distancing measures in place, which may require alternative schedules that blend in-person and remote learning for students
  • Beyond Phase Three: Divisions will resume “new-normal” operations under future guidance

Most school divisions will start in Phase 2, which features mostly remote learning, with in-person classes for Pre-K through 3rd grade.

Divisions will have to submit plans before they advance to the next phase.

For the full set of guidelines, click here.