Katy Perry Reveals Why 2020 Has Been Her Favorite Year [VIDEO]

Katy Perry appeared on the U.K.’s Sunday Times Style and played “finish the sentence.” where she revealed some interesting favorites.

“My favorite year so far was…y’know, 2020,” she responded, surprisingly. “Challenging, but the best.  The best year.  ‘Cause I got the best gift” — referring to her pregnancy.

Katy also said the song she’ll never get bored of playing live is “Firework.”

“Especially live, it brings people together. It brings people together — all the demographics, all the ages, all the different backgrounds.”

Asked to finish the sentence “Being pregnant is amazing because…”, she responded,

“My level of appreciation for women has grown exponentially and given me this powerful feeling, like I can do it all while still creating another life. I feel really powerful!”