Virginia Living Museum Needs Your Help Helping the New Bobcat Kitten

A juvenile bobcat rescued from the side of the road in southern Virginia needs a name!

His mother had been killed by a car, but a spokesperson said this guy was determined to live. A veterinarian treated him for a range of injuries, including a fractured forearm, and he went to live at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News in October, 2019.

His forearm developed some painful complications, so the team had to amputate it – but they say he bounced back from that surgery with all the fervor of youth.

A release from the museum said officials plan to take the three most popular suggestions and put them to a vote on September 21. You can vote on Facebook, Instagram or the VLM’s website.

The final name reveal comes October 3, when the bobcat will take his place in the Outer Boardwalk Trail at the museum.