5-Year-Old Gives Baby Yoda Toy to Firefighters Battling Wildfires ‘in Case They Get Lonely’ [VIDEO]

A 5-year-old boy sent a sweet gift to Oregon firefighters battling wildfires: a Baby Yoda toy.

According to Fox 12 Oregon, Oregon resident Sasha Tinning and her grandson, Carver, came across a Baby Yoda doll over the weekend at the store but he decided when he saw it the firefighters needed it more than him. Tinning said, “He thought…if they needed a friend because all of them are away from their families right now”

They dropped Baby Yoda off at a supply drive for Oregon firefighters in Scappoose, hoping the doll would help the firefighters in their battle and it did.

“These ash-covered firefighters, just covered from head to foot, holding this Baby Yoda. Every one of those pictures just makes my heart warm.”

You can follow Baby Yoda’s adventures on this Facebook page.


Via Fox 12 Oregon.