Can A Vegan And A Meat Lover Make It Work?

On The Sitch today: “Jack” presented us with this dilemma:

“I’ve been talking to this woman who I have great chemistry with, and it seems like she’s feeling it too. I want to ask her out, but there is one thing standing in my way, she’s a vegan! I love eating meat, and I am not willing to give it up. So my question is, can a meat lover and a vegan make a relationship work?

The consensus around Jack’s situation was that it depends. Is she vegan for animal-related reasons? or is she in it more for the health benefits? Because if she stands firmly for animal rights then it probably wouldn’t work out. However, if her reasons are based on simply wanting a healthier lifestyle, then Jack should absolutely pursue her! Callers also pointed out that a vegetarian would be more likely to work than a vegan due to having a little more flexibility and less restrictions.

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