Back to School Advice For Parents Preparing for the Return to In-Person Teaching

Students in Virginia Beach are set to return the physical classroom Tuesday, Sept. 29 in Virginia Beach.

WAVY TV 10 spoke with Shirann Lewis, Senior Executive Director of Elementary Schools in Virginia Beach, who offered parents back to school advice.

“We’re asking parents to tell their kids to wear their mask. We’re asking parents to tell their kids you have to practice social distancing and modeling that with, you know, your kids. You know, we’re telling our parents to share with their kids how important it is to let their teachers know when they aren’t feeling well, and we’re also telling our parents to, you know, do the self-screening before kids leave the house in the morning.

“Just really take a close look at your children. If they say they are not feeling well, please don’t send them to school.”

Lewis also recommends having your child bring their own water bottles to school. Children are still allowed to use the water fountains, but schools want to limit the trips children make to the fountain to help lessen the spread of germs.