Mariah Carey Reveals Details on Uncomfortable Performance With Aretha Franklin And Celine Dion in New Memoir

Mariah Carey’s new book has been in the headlines for many of its revelations including the one about her VH1 Divas Live performance.

Mimi writes in her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, that during the tribute to Aretha Franklin, “One of the divas didn’t understand the culture of the court and tried to come for the Queen a little bit during the song. I couldn’t believe anyone would try to upstage Aretha Franklin on her tribute while singing about Jesus, no less.”

She went on to write, “Maybe it was a big culture gap, but it seemed like sheer lunacy to me, and I wanted no part of it.” She remembers Patti LaBelle later telling her, “Mariah, if you would’ve participated in that hoedown, I would’ve had to come slap you in the face.”

Watch and see which diva you think Mariah is referring to.