Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend Makes A Move On You. Do You Tell Your Friend?

Today on The Sitch, “Jill” was wondering how to respond to her best friend’s boyfriend hitting on her. The incident happened one night after drinks when Jill’s best friend passed out early, leaving Jill and the boyfriend alone. Jill says the boyfriend made advances toward her, and that she respectfully declined them. It’s been a little over a week, and Jill isn’t sure if she should tell her best friend about the encounter. She’s afraid she’ll get a negative reaction from her friend, and wants to give the boyfriend the benefit of the doubt since he was so drunk. Maybe ignorance is bliss and they’ll live happily ever after, right? Callers didn’t seem to think so and unanimously believed that Jill should tell her friend because she simply deserves to know regardless of what happens after.

Join us tomorrow for a Family Holiday Sitch. Michelle wants to break tradition and NOT go to her sister’s for Thanksgiving this year because her sister is apparently very difficult to deal with. Michelle isn’t sure if honesty is the best policy here though, and wonders if she could instead just blame Coronavirus for her absence. Does Michelle have any other options? Let us know!