Blame Covid? Or Tell Sister She’s The Reason For Not Visiting

Today on The Sitch: Michelle from Chesapeake has decided she’s not going to her family’s house for Thanksgiving because she can’t stand her sister. She was wondering if she should tell the sister about the reasoning, or if she should just blame it on Coronavirus and not even get into it. For the first time, the responses were split pretty evenly. Half said to just blame Covid, and the other half said to have it out with the sister because the issue isn’t going to go away on its own. Apparently its a matter of when Michelle wants to have the talk with her sister. She could put it off by blaming Covid, but tackling the situation head on in a respectful way would probably yield the best results for everyone in the long run.

Coming up tomorrow…Erica’s husband would like to hire his first wife to clean their house regularly. Erica feels a little uncomfortable about it even though there’s no bad blood between her and the ex-wife. How would you feel in her position? What factors does it depend on?