This Picture of an Onion Was Flagged on Facebook For Being ‘Overtly Sexual’ {SFW PIC}

A picture of onion has gone viral after Facebook flagged it as an “overtly sexual image.”

Gaze Seed Company in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, submitted an ad to Facebook to promote its walla walla onions, but the submitted image was rejected! See the post below.

Posted by The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze on Monday, October 5, 2020

Looks pretty SFW to us. The company’s manager told CBC News, “I just thought it was funny. You’d have to have a pretty active imagination to look at that and get something sexual out of it … ‘Overtly sexual,’ as in there’s no way of mistaking it as not sexual.”

The company appealed the decision, and a Facebook Canada spokeswoman confirmed the ad’s rejection was an algorithm error.