Help! My Mom Is Too Hot!

Today on THE SITCH, a younger “Jack” wrote us with a problem concerning his mother. He says:

Hey guys, so I have a weird situation. My friends keep teasing me about how hot my mom is and it’s starting to get embarrassing and weird. I feel like she wears certain clothes on purpose and wants all the attention on her. I just wish she would dress like a mom. Is that too much to ask? How do I tell her?

To our surprise, the majority of people said he should get over it and let his mom be hot! It was a narrow majority though, as numerous people also gave suggestions for the mom to cover up more (at least when around Jack or his friends). One mother of a 17-year-old son called in to say that she’d do anything for her son, including dress differently. So, a pleasantly surprising amount of variety in responses today!

Join us tomorrow for a battle of the species. Meagan rescued a dog about three months ago, and has just started dating a new guy. After a month of dating, the dog is still acting hostile towards the new guy and he thinks she should either return the dog or give it to the sister! Who will Win? Dog or New Guy?