Father Wants To Take His 10 Year Old Boy Hunting, Mom Is Like “Nah”

Today on THE SITCH, Scott from Pungo called us because he wants to take his 10-year-old son hunting, however his wife is against the idea. Hunting is something of a tradition on Scott’s side of the family and he thinks it’s time he started to pass it on to his lad. Wifey thinks that 10 is too young to be handling a gun, and also believes it’s cruel to the animals and their families. Callers and commenters unanimously thought that the boy should be allowed to go hunting. Now the question becomes how does Scott convince his wife? Perhaps the best solution we found was for Scott to tell his wife that he’ll take their son out a few times before letting the boy actually fire the rifle. The son can shadow his dad and learn about nature and how to properly respect firearms. A great point was made that hiding guns from the boy could backfire and fill him with morbid curiosity. Another point was made about the unique value of being one with nature in the woods or wherever they go hunt. Good exercise for the soul! Good luck Scott!

On Tuesday we’ll tackle the common “SITCH” where a lazy roommate isn’t pulling his/her weight around the house. How can we change this?!