2020 Voter Guide: What to Expect Before Arriving to Cast Your Vote

Important dates to know:

October 23 by 5 pm: Last day to request that an absentee ballot be
mailed to you

October 31: Last day to vote an absentee ballot in person at your local voter registration office

November 3: Election Day – Polls open 6am to 7pm.

When you arrive, election officers will be there to help you:

  • Check-in.
  • Say or write your name and address.
  • Show an acceptable ID.
  • Receive and check your ballot. Does it include all contests for your district?
  • Go to the voting booth and vote your ballot.
  • Mark your ballot by filling in the oval next to your choice(s)
  • When you’re done, scan your ballot.

Before you go, download the Voter Pocket Guide to find out what ID you need to bring with you and more frequently asked questions.


Find out more at vote.virginia.gov