This Walmart Baby Security Cam Close Up Is Giving Us All the Feels

A photo of a dad and his daughter at Walmart this week has gone viral and giving us all the feels.

Nick and Ivy Janzen went to their local Walmart with their 5-month-old daughter earlier this week and on a whim decided to take a picture using the store’s security cam.

Nick said: “In the checkout line, I just noticed the camera and monitor and picked Kira up, and Ivy took the picture,” “She convinced me to do it. I was on the fence about doing it, but Ivy said it would be funny and that we should do it. So we just did it.”  Ivy then shared it with her Facebook friends.

But Nick’s sister saw it and shared it on Twitter with her 1,600-plus followers on Thursday, which she captioned as: “absolutely losing it over this picture of my brother with his baby.” That pushed it into viral mode. It brightened everyone’s day!