Harry Styles’s Car Broke Down in Front of a Fan’s House, So He Left Her a Note and Fed Her Fish

According to Twitter user canyonmoonblue, Harry Styles’ car broke down outside of a fan’s house and the fan’s dad let Harry hang out while waiting for a tow.  Dear old Dad mentioned that his daughter was a fan so Harry left her a note and fed her fish.

canyonmoonblue shared the note and story on Twitter:

“harry’s car broke down so a fans dad let him in his house and while they waited harry fed their fish and left notes for the fan and for that reason your honor, he is the only man to ever exist,” the user shared with her fellow Harry fans, along with a picture of Harry in the other fan’s room.

“Sending you all my love. Sorry we missed each other,” the note from Harry read. “Until next time…”