Don’t Mix Business With Family!

Today on THE SITCH we heard from anonymous “Jack” about a home improvement project gone wrong! He hired his brother-in-law’s landscaping company to lay pavers for a patio addition in their backyard, and during the process Jack noticed that they seemed to be doing it wrong. He verified this through extensive googling and asking other people. He raised the issue with the brother-in-law, who insisted he was doing it right and continued. Turns out they weren’t doing it right because when the project was finished there were loose and uneven pavers. Jack was very unsatisfied and wasn’t sure if he should still feel obligated to pay for the job?

Callers and commenters suggested Jack should get the brother-in-law back out to correct the errors before paying. Assuming it’s only a few pavers and a quick, easy fix then this seems like an ideal solution, but we aren’t sure how extensive the problem is, and/or whether or not all the pavers would need to come up. Assuming this is the case, people said Jack should just pay his brother-in-law for the materials but not the labor. Then unfortunately shop around again for a business that you can make sure does the job right, since they aren’t family!

Coming up Monday, we’ll tackle a SITCH that involves a daughter not wanting to meet her Dad’s new girlfriend. Is she obligated or what should she do?