How Long Into A Relationship Do You Wait To Introduce Your Kids?

Today on THE SITCH, Kendra wrote us about some thoughts she’s been wrestling with. She’s been dating a guy for about six months and he has two kids, ages 6 & 8. At the beginning of the relationship he told Kendra that he probably wouldn’t introduce her to his kids until about a year into the relationship. Kendra was fine with this and never thought anything of it…..that is until one of her snoopy girlfriends raised the issue. The friend told Kendra that she thought it was weird and seemed like the new guy was hiding his kids from her and possibly not serious about the relationship. This caused Kendra to second guess her stance and so she wrote to us wondering about a general time frame of when it’s okay to meet your new significant other’s kids.

Callers and commenters agreed that this was a perfectly normal thing for the guy to do. People spoke on how kids become attached very quickly, and also pointed out that there might be some sort of custody clause in the guy’s divorce papers. No matter the reason, everyone agreed that there is no cause for concern. Just keep riding with it and let life take its course!