The ‘First-Ever’ Christmas Song Made for Dogs Is Out Now [VIDEOS]

The “first-ever” Christmas song exclusively made for dogs is here just in time for the howl-o-days.

“Raise the Woof!” was created by and is based on sounds and noises that dogs enjoy, like squeaky toys, bells and basic commands.

The company says, “We call it ‘waggae’ — reggae designed to wag tails!”

They say that when you play the video you should look for the signs that your dog is enjoying it like “alertness, trying to discover where the sounds are coming from, head cocking, or moving their ears to get a better listen, as well as tails wagging,”


The best part (besides watching your dog’s reaction) is that the company is selling a special vinyl edition with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the men’s mental health organization Dudes & Dogs.