Foster Child Won’t Take Off Her Pretty New Dress

Today on The Sitch, Andrea called in regarding a curious situation with her foster daughter. When she first took in the little girl, she gave her a pretty pink dress. Now, the girl loves it so much she doesn’t want to take it off for any reason. Andrea was understandably confused on how to handle this because it brings the girl so much joy, but might not be the most acceptable thing in public. The input we got on the show today is that Andrea is doing a good job, first of all. Making that child feel special is a beautiful thing. Most people said just let her keep wearing it! Another suggestion was to start a box/drawer with other special outfits that she could choose from. Basically try to show her that there are other outfits that she might like. Take her shopping was another one. The most interesting suggestion was to get her a stuffed bear or something she can sort of attach the dress to in some way, that way she can keep it after she grows out of it. Might take some creative skills, but it can be done!