How To Re-Open Dialogue With An Angry 19-Year-Old Daughter

Today on The Sitch, Joe presented us with his predicament. He recently split with his wife of 20 years, and their 19-year-old isn’t talking to Joe out of resentment. The daughter doesn’t know that her mom is more at fault because she was unfaithful during much of the relationship, but Joe and his wife don’t want to reveal this to her. Joe is trying to figure out how to get his daughter to talk to him again, and has considered stopping her tuition payments. While one caller thought it would be a viable solution, most others advised against it. That could definitely escalate the situation instead of de-escalating. One caller was a daughter who was in a very similar situation, and she felt like honesty is the best policy here, meaning fill the daughter in on the whole affair and natural crumbling of the relationship. Everyone stressed that the mother should be involved in some way. This is a team effort, and we are wishing Joe the best.