How Cher Helped Save the World’s Loneliest Elephant

Cher has helped come to the rescue of an elephant living in dire conditions at a zoo in Pakistan on Twitter.

For 30 years, Asian elephant Kaavan lived a sad life restrained by chains. His only companion, an elephant named Saheli, died in 2012 leaving Kaavan alone and grieving. A campaign was launched to remove Kaavan from the Marghazar Zoo and take him to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

The rescue of Kaavan was led by FOUR PAWS, a global animal welfare organization for animals under direct human influence, in cooperation with the Pakistani authorities, American businessman Eric S. Margolis and the nonprofit Free The Wild, co-funded by Cher.

On Monday, the Eric S. Margolis Foundation helped transport the elephant from Pakistan to Cambodia.


Kaavan will live at his sanctuary with three other elephants.


A documentary on the Smithsonian Channel will air telling the story of Cher and Kaavan’s journey.