Dude Wants To Be A Singer, Girlfriend Doubts His Ability

Today on The Sitch, Lindsay wrote in about her boyfriend who thinks he could become a professional singer. During quarantine he picked up some recording equipment and started recording cover songs. Lindsay is all for supporting his passions and hobbies, but she has no faith in his ability. Which is just a nice way of saying he sucks (according to Lindsay). She is conflicted on whether or not she should tell him he’s just not very good, or have someone else try to break it to him. OR should Lindsay be more supportive of the whole thing? Feedback was pretty split today, with some saying support him, and others saying to tell him. She could use excuses like saying how difficult the music industry is to navigate. Two of the best solutions we heard were to try to get him on The Voice/American Idol, or buy him vocal lessons for Christmas. At first we thought the vocal lessons were a good idea because the coach might tell him he’s no good, but upon further thought, the coach would probably do everything in his power to encourage the boyfriend to keep singing and never give up.

Good Luck Lindsay!