Pregnant Wife Would Like Husband To Quit Smoking ENTIRELY

Today on The Sitch, Jackie messaged us with a situation regarding her pregnancy. She is three months pregnant with their first child, and she wants her husband to quit smoking for good. He’d already agreed he wouldn’t smoke around her or the baby, but Jackie wants him to cut it completely. Caller feedback boiled down to: he should, but you can’t force him. There are obvious health benefits for quitting, and those combined with a new child should hopefully be enough to motivate him. But a wise facebook commenter pointed out that, like any addiction, he needs to want to quit FOR HIMSELF. Trying to force him (especially during this stressful time) could snowball into a nasty argument and become a touchy subject. And if he is unwilling to quit, then there are compromises to be made. One caller suggested having him change his clothes each time, which isn’t always possible, but it’s a start.

Good Luck Jackie!