Going With A Different Photographer

Anne recently had her first child and will soon be getting professional photos taken of her new family. Her best friend just so happens to be a professional photographer, but Anne isn’t a fan of her work She would just like to go with a different style, but she doesn’t want to hurt her friends feelings. We did have one caller say that Anne should give her friend the shot and try making suggestions and/or giving feedback on how to take the pictures. Really depends on what kind of person the friend is, as far as how she would respond to being told how to do her job. The rest of the callers had different sort of “white lie” suggestions. One was to tell the friend that the in-laws have already bought a gift photo package for the couple. Basically say that the husband or his family has already led the charge and it’s too late to go back. We would hope the friend would be okay with that, and then everyone is happy! Anne still respects her friend’s photography, it’s just a matter of preference. They can continue to be besties 🙂