Piers Morgan Says He’s Not the Pigeon Lady From ‘Home Alone 2’ [PICS]

Next time you watch Home Alone 2 you may do a double-take when you see the pigeon lady.  Fans are noticing that she has an uncanny resemblance to Piers Morgan.

After side by side comparison photos started going viral this week,  Morgan’s “Good Morning Britain” co-host Susanna Reid addressed it on the show saying, “Can we just have a look at ‘Home Alone 2’ because, frankly, it is the best picture. Lots of people watch ‘Home Alone 2’ and wonder if this is you.”

Morgan replied, “Why does this keep coming around? That is not me. I am not the bag lady in ‘Home Alone 2.’”

Twitter users aren’t the first ones to notice the resemblance.  Morgan’s own son Spencer tweeted in 2018, “Chilled night watching Home Alone 2. Always forget you’re in it @piersmorgan.”

Piers also told a Twitter user to try to forget seeing this.