How To Get Your Son To Move Out?

Kim from VA Beach has a son who is about to turn 30 and still lives at home with her. It’s just them two, and Kim doesn’t really mind it personally since he’s her only son, and he helps out around the house. She enjoys his company so it’s a fairly mutual agreement, but Kim knows it’s (passed) time he moved out. He works a decent job, but it’s not quite enough for him to live on his own yet. She hasn’t been charging him rent either. So, is it time for an ultimatum? The one thing everyone agreed on is that he needs to start paying rent. A few people said to give him a deadline and if he doesn’t make it, just kick him out. Obviously we want to avoid that route, and Beth helped us with a great suggestion. Set him up for success! Kim needs to teach him about what responsibilities come first for an independent adult. It sounds like he’s been very sheltered and might not know what the real world is like. Slowly have him start contributing to utilities and other bills. Theresa had possibly the best idea. Make him do more and more chores around the house and gradually increase rent/utilities to make him REALLY WANT to move out.  What he needs is encouragement. Times are tough out there and it’s easy to get complacent.

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