Can You RE-USE A Wedding Dress?!

Leslie will be getting married soon and wants to re-use the same wedding dress that she wore in her first wedding. She lost weight and is happy to be able to fit in it again, and doesn’t attribute any bad mojo to the dress because of the first marriage. She just really likes the dress and who wouldn’t want to save some money right now? The problem is her mother in law has taken issue with it. In short, she just thinks it’s not an appropriate thing to do. Feedback was interesting today. Callers agreed with the mother in law, but facebook commenters were more okay with re-using the dress. The trick is to make some kind of alteration or something that gives the dress a new spin. Mark the occasion with something so that it’s not the EXACT same dress. We liked this idea because it saves money AND it’s creative. We just hope that the mother in law would be accepting.!