Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd, and Dionne Warwick Are Teaming Up for Charity

After trolling them over their stage names on Twitter, Dionne Warwick is teaming up with Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd for a new song called “Nothing’s Impossible” and the proceeds of the song will benefit an organization called Hunger Not Impossible.

She announced the news by tweeting, “I’m still on a mission to end foolishness by 2021. It looks like @theweeknd and @chancetherapper are joining me. Who’s next? (I edited this video myself).”

Dionne also took the time to defend Chance when someone tweeted, ‘”end foolishness’” … with…. @chancetherapper …” She wrote, “This is the foolishness that I am talking about.”She added, “Please remember that @chancetherapperhas given back to Chicago Public Schools in a tremendous way. If you don’t have anything kind to contribute about my new friend please log off. Save your password first! I’ve made that mistake.”