How To Deal With The Overly-Competitive Family Member

Lila has a Sister, Debbie, who always ruins the fun with holiday board games. Namely, Trivial Pursuit. Debbie gets way too into it and whether she wins or loses, she’s a poor sport about it. Lila was trying to get some preemptive ideas on how to handle her. Our first caller Pete had an ingenious idea. First off, get the sports version of trivia pursuit or pick whatever category Debbie would suck at. Have the rest of the family study up on this version of the game, and thus crush her at her own game. This could obviously backfire if she’s that poor of a sport and takes it out on the rest of the family, but then the family can be like, “see how it feels?” So a taste of her own medicine there. A few other people suggested trying some completely different game that she’s unfamiliar with, or just something less competitive and more stupid random fun. Of course, there is always the option of sitting her down and addressing her like an adult and explaining how her actions affect other people around her. But that’s no fun!