Sleeping In Separate Beds?

Emily’s boyfriend snores a lot and it’s starting to aggravate her even though she knows he can’t really do anything about it. She rarely gets a good night’s sleep anymore, and for that reason she proposed the idea of sleeping in the guest room. He is very against the idea because he thinks it could spell the end of the relationship and take away the intimacy. This was a great sitch because we got all different suggestions and points of view. Beth from VA Beach chimed in from personal experience saying that she got a sleep study done for her partner, which worked wonders. Her partner ended up having sleep apnea so they gave him a CPAP machine which doesn’t interfere with either one’s sleep at all. David called in with the male POV saying that he was once the guy in this situation. He used to be overweight, which is seemingly correlated with snoring, and he decided to get healthy. After losing over 100 pounds he said he actually stopped snoring! Finally, Jen from Chesapeake came through with the most experienced voice. She’d been sleeping with her snoring husband for a long time, and eventually reached a breaking point. She said sleeping in separate rooms saved their marriage! Best of luck to Emily!