Bald Is Beautiful We Say!

Grace’s husband might be having something of a mid-life crisis. He’s in his 40s and we can only assume he’s suffering from confidence issues because he’s purchased a hair piece. Grace is not a fan of it and wishes he would just rock his shiny bald head! She’s been wondering if she should try to get him to lose it, or if she should just let him have it for the confidence boost. Beth called in with a twofold suggestion. Firstly Grace could try to help him pick out another one or two hair pieces that she finds more attractive on him? She could also try to “ween him off” the toupee by losing it when he’s home, and hopefully he comes around to the whole idea eventually. Everyone else’s feedback boiled down to letting him have it! It could be some sort of phase that he lets go of, but most importantly, if he feels like it does wonders for his confidence then he should be allowed to wear it. Hopefully Grace finds him attractive enough to stay with him if he keeps it!