Boyfriend Is Deployed. Break up now, or wait?

Lisa has fallen for a new man while her current boyfriend is still deployed. She’s been giving it a lot of thought and feels terrible about it, so she wants to find the best way to inform her boyfriend without hurting him too much. She feels like she owes it to him to do it in person, but doesn’t know when he will return and she can’t wait forever! Dee called in with some second-hand experience. She is in the navy and has seen people get broken up with while deployed and she said it never goes over well. She recommended waiting if at all possible for Lisa, so that he can keep a healthy mental state overseas. The rest of the callers and commenters said (to our surprise) said to go ahead and rip the band aid off sooner than later. There’s no good way to go about it, but it would be a lot to ask Lisa to keep up the charade indefinitely. We felt like a personal heartfelt phone call would be the best route. Emails and texts can be misconstrued. We wish the boyfriend all the best and thank him for his service. Good luck to everyone!