Potential Proposal Fear

Anonymous “Jill” thinks her boyfriend is planning to propose on Christmas day in front of the family. She gathered this information through her mom who kept making not-so-subtle hints. Jill loves her boyfriend but really wants to finish obtaining her master’s degree before even thinking about marriage. So she wanted some input on what others might do in this…..SITCH…..

We got all different answers for this one (yay), and strangely enough most facebookers suggested just going along with it! Say yes and if worse comes to worse she can still back out of the engagement. Michelle even mentioned how the ring being given on Christmas makes it a gift, thus “Jill” wouldn’t have to return the ring to him should things get that far. How optimistic of us!! One caller recommended saying “yes” in front of the family, but then pulling the faince/boyfriend/whatever he is to the side and laying out her honest thoughts. Risky maneuver there because then they have to play a charade for everyone around them, but they could just act like its a long engagement because covid yada yada. One person even pointed out how the guy could be trying to trap Jill into it by making it a big public event, thus she recommended Jill flat out say no and tell everyone how she really feels! You have to respect honesty people!

Have a great Holiday and we’ll be back Monday!