Promotion? Or No-Motion?!

Anonymous “Jack” works with his wife who has just been offered a promotion at their company. His wife would be in a supervisory position, however they are not offering her a raise along with the promotion. Jack thinks this is fishy, even given the troubling circumstances with the pandemic. He thinks the company is taking advantage of her because they know how faithful and hard working she is. Meanwhile she thinks “Jack” is simply jealous of her and doesn’t want her having more power than him. Callers and commenters unanimously sided with Jack on this issue, agreeing that it seems like the company is taking advantage of her.

Suggestions essentially boiled down to the same thing, which is to encourage the wife to sit down with her boss(es) and discuss terms. She should be comfortable enough to negotiate her worth! People urged her to get something in writing about possible extra vacation days, or some other benefits if they are not willing to give her a raise. It can’t hurt to ask (most of the time), especially if everything is conducted in a professional manner.