How to Properly Dispose of Your Christmas Tree in Hampton Roads {CITY GUIDE}

Are you ready to take down your Christmas tree?  Before you throw it to the curb, here’s what you need to know about how and when to dispose of your tree in Hampton Roads.

There is no need to schedule a bulk pickup to dispose of your tree. Place your live Christmas tree at the curb (after removing all ornaments, lights and tinsel) on your scheduled garbage day. View Chesapeake’s holiday schedule here.




Hampton’s Clean City Commission gave residents tips for disposing of their tree:

  1. Put them out as part of your bulk trash collections on your designated collection day, or

  2. Take them to the Yard Waste site on North Park Drive.

Be sure to remove all stands, wires, lights, memorabilia, etc., from your trees before placing them for pickup or dropping them at the Yard Waste site. All trees collected will be taken to VPPSA and used for mulch and compost materials.

Newport News

Residents are asked to remove tinsel, ornaments and metal stands from the live trees before disposal.  Residents can place their tree curbside during their bulk collection week separate from other bulk trash.  Another option is to bring the live tree to the Recovery Operations Center at 520 Atkinson Way, Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (except for city observed holidays).

Click here to view your collection schedule. 


Natural Trees are collected for composting on your regular trash day. Trees should be placed at the curb and free of ornaments, tinsel, lights and the stand.

Artificial Trees and other excess holiday waste that doesn’t fit in your trash bin should be scheduled for bulk waste collection on your regular trash collection day by contacting the Norfolk Cares Center at (757) 664-6510 or online.

Recycling Center: Bring natural trees or artificial trees, and damaged or frayed holiday lights to the Household Hazardous (HHW) and Electronic Waste Collection Center, 1176 Pineridge Road, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Closed Jan. 2, 2020).



The City of Portsmouth will pick up natural Christmas trees on your regularly scheduled trash collection day. Place the tree curbside. Make sure it is free of all decorations (ornaments, tinsel, lights) and removed from the stand. The collected trees will be used as landfill cover. Click here to view the trash pick up schedule.


Christmas trees will be collected curbside through January 7, 2021. For two weeks after Christmas the collection of a Christmas tree does not count against the 12 free special pickups allowed each year.


Virginia Beach

Options are below for Virginia Beach citizens. Note that trees should be free of their stand, tinsel, lights, and ornaments. Trees may not be left on beaches.

  • Curbside Collection: Waste Management crews will collect Christmas trees as regular yard waste on your normal collection day.

  • Landfill and Resource Recovery Center: Trees taken to the City’s Landfill and Resource Recovery Center will be chipped and used for mulch by City landscape crews.

  • Beaches: Residents should never place trees on area beaches.

  • Return to Seller: Some of the local nurseries have take-back programs. Check with the location where you purchased your tree to see if they take them back. If not, check with one that does, and they might take yours as well.

  • Local Drop-Offs: Local businesses have offered to accept trees. Be on the look-out for announcements from businesses collecting trees.

  • Faux Tree: Consider donating your tree to a charitable organization.



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