Drew Barrymore Revealed She Was Stood Up on a Date After Using a Celebrity Dating App

Drew Barrymore opened up on her talk show Monday about being stood up on a date recently. While talking to comedian Nikki Glaser, Drew revealed, “I booked a date with one guy, finally. He stood me up at the exact time we were supposed to meet and I was like, ‘Can’t you be a jerk like an hour before?’ That would have been such a time saver.”

She added, “I know that happens all the time.” But admitted, “I felt so stupid.”

Drew went on to say she was using a celebrity dating app where “there are big, high-powered men and of course, I didn’t go for any of those. I never have! I was like, oh, the comedy writer, that sounds fun…”


Photo credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com